Hi there!

My journey as Groove Masta Putz started long ago as a late teen. Music for me has always been a mix of hobby, therapeutic release, a voice, a continual drive to learn, improve, and an integral part of my identity.

The power that music holds is something that I love exploring and experiencing. Whether that's making weird noises, jamming with the many amazing people that I've met over the years or just making something cool to listen to and share.

Most recently I've decided that I want to see if I have what it takes to sustain myself financially on it. I've always been skeptical of the ability to make money off of music, so I had never considered it as a "career path" that could support me. It's not the most important factor as to why I make music, but that's the reason behind this renovated web space. It was also just due for an update. Not to mention I finally upgraded to a real synth so making music has been easier than ever, which has inspired me to take things more seriously.

I've always loved video game music and the sounds behind the scenes that people take for granted in media like films or as you lug your bags around at the airport. I love putting music out there to see where it ends up and who it connects with. The profound way that something as simple as music can affect our lives and bring us together as a community is one of the reasons I'm driven to make it.

Wherever my journey takes me, I encourage you to stay and enjoy the years of work I've put into this. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to collaborate or need some music for something you're working on. Expect to see this space grow as I dive deeper into re-discovering this part of myself. If you use any of my works in your stuff, let me know an I can share it here!