A Brand New Hip

Album Art

Released: June 7, 2013

This is my first album under the name Groove Masta Putz. I was making music before this, but it marked the beginning of what would later become a very important part of who I am and how many people know me. My goal was to make a lot of dope music and that's pretty much it.

The album itself is probably more valuable to others as a frame of reference than to actually listen to lol. I explored some cool stuff, but the levels are very poorly mixed and well some parts of the songs get a bit... crowded. Reminds me of senior year of high school anyway, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Guess everyone is their own worst critic, huh?

I did go back and remaster some of these so they probably sound better on the website than in other places.


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This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0.


A Brand New Hip

After listening to this famous clip I instantly knew that there was a ripe banger to be plucked from this gem.

Acid Assassin Action

At this point in my life I was watching Samurai Champloo and decided to sample a scene from that.

Alone With You

Just some classic nerd shit. Meloncholy, melodic vibes and squorps and bloops.

Elf Wenches

Sampled Rocko's modern world for this one.

I Love Music

Sampled I Love Music by Ahmad Jamal and chopped it up as a way to practice more "musical" sampling instead of just scenes and vocals. First discovered the original sample from Nas - The World Is Yours, a true classic.

Intergalactic Space Carpet (Interlude)

Some classic drum & bass shit. Fuckin' goes hard too! Surprisingly well mixed, at least given where I was at.

Major Rager

This is what my conception of a party beat was at the time lol. Lots of different ideas going on at once that in some chaotic way work out together kinda. Kinda. I still like it though.

Miss Snow

Yet more drum & bass. This time a bit more subdued than Intergalactic Space Carpet. It's an homage to the snow, because we have a lot where I'm from. Like the winter snow it's dark and pretty... with a lot of reverb.

Mle's Elm Tree

Liked a girl at the time so I made her a song that's chaotic as hell and confusing, which wasn't the intention, but quite fitting for a high school crush. Peaking out of the chaos are occassional moments of beauty and jazz though. And a lot of trying too hard lol. Here's a list of all the samples in their original glory because they should also be appreciated by themselves on their own merits. More or less in the order they appear:

Silver Lining

Ooooh man, this one gets goofy right off the bat, damn haha. I didn't remember this one until listening to it to write this description but wow. There sure is a lot going on here, huh.

Sound Stream

Much more calm than the other two previous tracks, at least when it starts out. Sampled a literal stream from freesound.org and went on a musical journey with it.

Vidja Game Space Orgy

Video game music has always been a pretty heavy inspiration in my music ever since I figured out how to record wave files with Gens (genesis emulator) so I could listen to music from Sonic the Hedgehog. This is an homage to all the dope video game music that I liked at the time. Very chaotic. Full list of samples:

Wishful Thinking

Lotsa reverb and literal vibes. Much more uplifting and upbeat, but still chaotic.