Dope Beets

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Released: May 19, 2014

Original Bandcamp Description:

So basically I practiced my sampling technique in this one, and cranked out all of the dope beats. Get it.

It's all under the creative commons too, so if you wanna remix this shit, use it for you whatevers or spit on some of it feel free. Just give me a link to what you're doin cause I'd love to see what people do with it.


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This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0.


Dope Beets

Originally named beat thief to make an edgy song about sampling dope beats, but I just went with calling it Dope Beets because it's a good title track to have lol. Enjoy the smooth rolling, jazzy bass and vibes that start

Native Bump

Sampled J-Dilla and A Tribe Called Red to put together a chill hip-hop beat. That's about it really.

Pure Imagination

Me and my boy Willy Wonka put together a real slammin' bopper for y'all to get down with on some imagination shit, ya heard? Samples Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Pure Imagination.

Inner Flight

Some easy listening music turned hip-hop beats to take flight to chill town. The bass is definitely a bit loud lol. Fairly choppy too.

Break It Down

Yet another jazzy hip-hop beat. This one actually turned out alright, the levels are mostly in sync this time around. Sampled Buika - Sombras once again and the end of Group Home - Inna city life is where all the vocal samples come from.


Beat inspired by some dude I can't remember the name of who remixes disney tunes into some chill shit. I sampled Snow White - Some Day My Prince Will Come and made some chill hip-hop beats out of it.

Alice in Grooveland

Following the theme of disney turns turned hip-hop, I did the same for Dave Brubeck's rendition of Alice in Wonderland. More upbeat and stuff than usual, but still fun.

Rain Check

Wanted to hang out with a girl but she told me she'd have to rain check. Put that to easy listening music and hip hop drums and you've got yourself a dope beat.


Whistfully floating strings driven by the skipping of laxidasical drums and an out of tune bass sample. What's more loving than that? Sample from João Gilberto - Besame Mucho, the name was actually inspired by the album itself Amoroso.

Profuse Interlude

It's all in the title. Sampled the Tourettes Guy and Prefuse 73 - Huevos with Jeff and Rani. Prefuse 73 is a pretty dope artist, listen to their stuff!

Smokey Waters

The name is dedicated to the vape shop I used to go to at the time to get my juice in college. I shit you not lol. The actual beat is a lot cooler than it sounds. Full of mellow horns and chill bass bumpin'.

Midnight Mood

More jazzy hip-hop, this time sampling Bill Evans - Midnight Mood and some chops from Barbra Strisand - I Finally Found Someone.

No Te Quiero

Some much more chill, meloncholy hip-hop beats sampling Carla Morrison - Hasta la piel and Chet Baker - Time After Time.

No Se Dispide

Same vein as the song above, but instead of "I don't love you" in Spanish the title is "Don't Go Away". Not really significant in some sort of cryptic way speaking to my life, mostly just a coincidence between two songs. Vocal sample is from Buika - Las Simples Cosas.

Señor Putz

At one point in my life I was studying to become a teacher. Didn't work out in the end, but I still made this dope beat with latin vibe influences!

Milky Way Bump

Sampled some J Dilla to make a real spacey, chill hip-hop beat.

Da Boss

By now this should be such a cliché sample that I don't have to tell you what it's from, but in case you don't know it's James Brown - The Boss. My boy Fingazzz (what he went by at the time) inspired me to make this one.

The Badass Lounge (Remastered)

This is a remaster of the beat I made on the first Week by Week Vol. 1. Went for chill vibes and a lounge jazz feel with break beat rhythms.

All Good Things

Another beat inspired by my boy Fingazzz. Mixing country and guitar vibes with some hip-hop beats. Samples this classic tune: Lonnie Mack - All Good Things Will Come To Pass.

Happy Ending

I took the game over music for Super Mario World and chopped it up into a pretty chill tune that feels nostalgic in the way that only Mario can. Composed my own melodies on top of that. Works pretty well for the ending credits to my album.