Electronic Poetry

Album Art

Released: April 7, 2015

Original Bandcamp description:

This album is a tribute to all that is electronic music. I focused on trying to develop my own sound across a variety of genres and learning how to shape virtual instruments to my will while still embracing the sampling techniques I learned from previous albums. I tried crafting beautiful soundscapes and lush sounds.

Specially crafted for a planetarium experience. I'll just let the music speak for itself, shit's dope.

This was a project inspired by a piece I listened to in my music appreciation class called "Poème électronique". In fact, I made a song sampling that piece, but it ended up not making the final cut because I couldn't get around to finishing it, unfortunately. Now that I think of it, maybe I'll take the time to do so and release it as a bonus track if I ever remaster this album.

I tried to create a much more cinematic, immersive experience with this album. This brings back good memories from college too and as the original description says, it was meant for a planetarium. I actually asked the director of ours at school about doing a free showing. He was cool enough to let me!


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This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0.


Initiating Groove Sequence

I sampled the startup noise from Windows 95 for this track. I was inspired by Blank Banshee - Infinite Login and wanted to capture the feel of a computer starting up in my own way. Not as trappy as Blank Banshee's, but I still feel pretty happy about how it turned out.

Fun fact: towards the end the Google translate robot voice is saying "turning down for what" in case you can't hear it over my horrible mixing lol. Yes, that's a reference to That One Song.

Planetary Orbit

Planetary orbit to the sounds of break beats and some squelch bass to really put things into high gear. You know I love atmospheric drum & bass, fam!

Lucid Dream Limousine

Tried to create a noir-esque journey through some city streets. Eventually it leads you to a fancy french café where you dine alone in the company of other sophisticated intellectuals like yourself, listening to the nostalgic bossa nova coffee fumes of Paul Desmond - Circles. Sampled from the actual vinyl too ;). Eventually the ride ends as the walls lift up and the establishment crumbles to reveal the chirps of birds and streaming river noises before you wake up.


Dedicated to an old friend. Welcome to the lion dub kingdom! Chooooon and wikkid bass, ya.

A Sacred Place

Now we're pickin' up speed! Some crazy drum & bass shit that takes you through a journey of atmospheric fog provided by the Silent Hill Series(White Noiz & World of Madness). That and the vocal sample comes straight from the game too.


Ambience in the same vein as the Silent Hill inspired tunes as above, this time without the break beats. No samples, only delicately crafted VST instruments, gently caressing the vulnerable pulses of your beating soul.

Narcissus (Phase 1)

Some intense trancey dance self indulgence.

Narcissus (Phase 2)

More of the above, but... DIFFERENT!


Imagine robbing a bank.

Strange Mood Loop

A tribute to video game music, so it loops. Swerpy derp noises in a loop to some break beat drums skipping to a weird swing rhythm.

Hola Clase

Instead of doing Spanish homework I made this beat.

Springtime Swing

The feeling of spring is in the air. It feels nostalgic, like what once was may hopefully be yet again.

The Ol' King's Field

Played around with a new VST I got and it sounded like some vibes you might find in the From Software series King's Field. At least in spirit anyway.

Cavernous Vagina

Well that's just rude! And echo-y...

Mating Call (Interloop)

In the distance loons fly overhead searching for their eternal soul mate in an endless loop.

Sine Language

Mellow electronic dance tunes drowned in a healthy dose of reverberating atmosphere.

Electronic Poetry

Not the original song that had actually started this album, but still a pretty good way to close out an epic journey. Basically I let loose on the most epic synth I could possibly build. Listen with headphones!