Escape EP

Album Art

Released: July 23, 2013

Original Bandcamp description:

This is an EP I did highlighting the fact that listening to and making dope beats is excape for me. You can come escape with me if you so desire (for free too!)


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This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0.


Just Forget

Me trying to sample together two classic nujabes songs with bird sounds and water running in the background.

Original samples here:

Getaway Flight

Basically a remix of some Martin Schulte dub techno beats because I didn't know hot to make dub techno sounds myself. Didn't really get the dub techno vibe, but still fun to make.



Drum & bass music has always been an escape for me in the sort of euphoric way that only fast-paced rhythmic bass and ambience could really capture. Especially the shit that's like driving through the fog at 120mph on a woody forest drive. Or at least what I imagine it would be like for a few glorious moments before you hit an unsuspecting deer. Samples a newgrounds track actually that was pretty dope ambience. Sadly it's taken down or it'd be linked.

Smoke Chamber

Imagine you're in a smokey room, a chamber if you will, and everything before you is nebulous and shifting not only before your eyes but in your very being. So yeah, it's trippy. There's some bomberman hero chops and a mix of some other surprisingly well mixed elements.

Jealous Silence

Takes Koto Song by Dave Brubeck and chops it up in a new way. Much more chill hip-hop style than the last attempt.

Fade Back to Reality

A jazzy outro to bring folks back to the reality that life demands we return to, try as hard as we may to escape through simulated vinyl crackle and pitch bend.