Groove Masta Putz

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Released: January 12, 2018

Original Bandcamp description:

This is the accumulation of 3 years of work since my Electronic Poetry album. I’ve made countless more than 21 tracks since then, but these are the ones I’ve polished up. I'm finally satisfied with the production quality to where I feel content to release them. This album marks roughly 10 years of making music since I uploaded my first track to the Newgrounds audio portal in 2008 (which I deleted because it was old and shitty, so just take my word for it that it was there lol).

I didn't start out as Groove Masta Putz, but after coming up with the name I set out on a musical journey to master my skills, mostly just for fun. It's been a therapeutic way to express myself and relieve stress in this occassionally chaotic, clusterfuck of a world. It’s also how I’ve spent many great, memorable moments with friends. My hope is that someday after The Revolution™ that all of us will enjoy a standard of living where music and other artistic pursuits are not seen as a special exception that a few gifted superstars create to be consumed by the masses (even if there are gifted people who deserve to be recognized as superstars), but rather I hope we can return to a time when music was something that connected us as a community like storytelling or ritualistic peyote trips.

This album was actually split into two versions. The real version and the version I could legally put up on spotify because I owned the copyright to certain songs and not others. The second edition I named the commodity censorship edition because distrokid said some stores literally wouldn't let me self-title my fucking album so that was stupid. Named after the fact that I had to censor my shit so I could put it in the "legal" channels for people to listen to, hence becoming censored through becoming a commodity. Anyway, this has the real version with all 21 tracks!


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Give 'em a listen. Mostly meant as a way to sample the songs before bothering to download them or in the event the mirrors above don't work.

This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0.


Take Back the Culture

When am I not ranting about copyright and politics? Pretty good song to be an introduction to a self-titled album for me I'd say!

Hot and Dangerous

Hey I've got a sexy side too. The sample is from Metal Gear Solid 3 - Eva's Unveiling.


Some smooth dance beats to get down and dirty too ;). Intro song on the "Commodity Censorship" version of the album.

The People United

Took the classic protest chant and made it into a beat that would be really cool to play at a protest. Took forever on figuring out the levels (never really "figured them out" in the end), but if you use it at a protest that'd be cool!

Alien God Flows (Feat. Beez)

Recorded my homie Beez, who has some amazing flow, over the Bojack Horseman Intro Song.

Big Bong Rips & Lickin' Clits (Feat. King Nasty & AC)

Aaah yes, a true classic. The title says it all. Fingazzz officially becomes King Nasty. Recorded with my boy Andrew Christiensen on the guitar - go check him out!

Elevator Sex

Some video game music to bang in an elevator to. You know, normal shit to do.

The Nasty Patty Banger

Sampled some spongebob again, this time it was a bit more coherent and nasty. Real classic.

Narcissus (Phase 3)

Spritual successor to the first 2 phases found on the Electronic Poetry album. Trance beats for dayz and this time for much longer.

Pull the Trigger

More dance beats with derpy bass and chill vibes.

In Da Lab (Feat. Beez)

First track with me and my boy Beez doing some acapella shit. Every hip-hop artist has to have one!

Turkey Bacon (I miss you)

Dedicated to someone with whom Turkey Bacon had a special connection between her and I.

Come Back (Too Late)

Dedicated to the same person as above, but this time when I made a big fuck up that spelled the beginning of the end of our relationship.

I Wanted to Love You

Not actually dedicated to the person mentioned in the previous to songs, but instead someone who came along after who was really cool, but really flakey.


The stress of college life sure does take its toll on you. So I chose to seek therapy through music. Original sample from Joe Hisaishi - Kid's Return.


Some chill beats that capture the passage of time. Made this one while I was in Spain and needed to do some music therapy. Sampled quote from the movie Memento.

Angel's Arp (Regeneration Chamber)

Let the undulations of outer space angels tickle the insides of your being with the soothing hug of their advanced aural technologies. Best listened to with either a full spectrum stereo setup or actual headphones.

W E A T H E R ~ C H A N N E L

This is my rendition of what the weather channel would sound like on upbeat synthwave vibes.

Snow Shimmers for Amanda

A piece I dedicated to my current girlfriend as of writing this. She likes snow and how pretty it looks :)

Melting Euphoria

Some beautiful drum & bass to melt into, full of nostalgia, smooth sinewave action and an emulated theramin. Sample from Parasite Eve - Arise Within You.

Fading Memories (Fm9)

The lingering touch of recollection suspended on a single sustained chord, distorting over time in the same way that real memories do. Late one foggy night I recorded this all in one go with audacity. I used Renoise to put together the instruments so I could play multiple ones at the same time independently with the same dinky 25 key keyboard. If you could see the setup you'd be impressed it came out how it did, or at least I am. Very proud of this one and no one can take it away from me.