Website Redesign is Live

Exciting news everyone! As you can probably see, I've decided to redesign the website. I've overhauled everything to focus more attention to the music instead of using this space as a personal blog. With social media it seems kinda silly to run a blog that nobody will read that's all over the place in regards to content.

I plan on trying to add functionality as I go if possible, but for now the redesign is functionally equivalent to the old website and much better looking aesthetically. That and the behind the scenes code, etc is much cleaner lol. I'm also still working on the front page so it's a better portfolio of my work, but for now I like it much more than the old one.

Anyway, it should probably speak for itself. Take a look around! Embrace the vaporwave 😎️

P.S: Yes I made the new header from scratch lol. Pretty proud of how it turned out.